Ever wondered which plants are going to make a lovely addition to your home? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This week we are discussing what the best indoor plants are and why.

Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis Blume)


These orchids are great for indoors as they don’t require strenuous upkeep – only needing to be watered once a week. They are also known for their blooms to last longer than other types of orchids. They come in a variety of different colours including but not limited to white, purple and yellow.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)


Peace lilies grow to approximately 30cm high making them the perfect indoor plant. Spathiphyllum is a low-maintenance flowering plant with beautiful foliage. They have been named one of the “Top Ten Household Air Cleaning Plants” by Nasa. Peace lilies love the shade and require their soil to remain moist (you can spray their leaves with water).

Lucky Bamboo (dracaena)


Lucky bamboo can grow up to one metre high. This creative plant thrives in bright light (however not direct sunlight) and when its roots are covered in water. They are known to be one of the easiest house plants around.